Speciality cylinders help cut the number of components needed

Paul Boughton

Companies are now looking to reduce costs, assembly time, and reduce the number of pneumatic components utilised in a process, resulting in the use of more and more for specialist function cylinders rather than the compromise of having to use a standard cylinder in a system.

In addition to a standard pneumatic cylinders, KV has a combination of in-house design, rapid prototyping and flexible manufacturing that allows it to meet unusual or difficult applications.

The company has invested in rapid prototyping and its Advanced Manufacturing Technology unit uses SLA, SLS in metals and plastic, concept modelling and vacuum casting to produce complex specialist components without the tooling costs normally associated with die-casting and mould tools, and at a fraction of the cost of comparable machined parts.

The facility means the company is not bound by conventional manufacturing processes. 

KV Limited is based in Milton Keynes, England. www.kvglobal.com


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