Silent Surveillance with smooth stepper

Paul Boughton

Omnimotor is introducing a new 36mm 0.9 degree stepper motor specifically developed for surveillance and security applications.

The new STH36 motor is based upon a compact NEMA 14 frame size – combining neodymium magnets with a novel magnetic design to provide an impressive 78mNm holding torque (bipolar).

This motor can provide equivalent torque to a Size 16 motor within Size 14 and equivalent torque to previous Size 14 motors (31mm length) within a considerably shorter package length (20mm).

Two motor lengths are available – 13 and 20mm.

The highest torque levels are combined with exceedingly low vibration and noise levels allowing these motors to be used in the most demanding surveillance applications where jitter and vibration are virtually eliminated – even at speeds as low as 100–150rpm.

Applications for the new motor are not limited to surveillance and security cameras but can include other high performance applications such as medical/biotech automated equipment.

The range is also available in customised winding configurations to match application requirements and with value added features such as special shafts and leadwire/connector assemblies.

The STH36 motors are available via Omnimotor and a full range of European distributors of Shinano Kenshi product which includes hybrid stepper and brushless dc motors. Shinano Kenshi has manufacturing locations in Japan and China. 

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