Turn CAD models into flow models for optimum designs and storing data

Paul Boughton

Fluent has released its new FLUENT for CATIA V5, the first CFD software tool that resides completely inside the CATIA V5 CAD environment.

It has been developed through a partnership, with Fluent and Dassault Systemes working together to develop a rapid flow modelling PLM tool with full associativity. Engineers can rapidly turn their CAD models into flow models and store the resulting optimised designs and supporting CFD data together, using the same data management system.

FLUENT for CATIA V5 uses original CATIA components wherever possible, including meshers and optimises, some of which were actually optimised jointly by Dassualt Systemes and Fluent to maximise the relationship between the two codes.

With this software, the rapid flow modelling concept first delivered by Fluent's easy-to-use FloWizard CFD tool, is now fully integrated in the PLM process. Rapid flow modelling is an approach to CFD simulation aimed at reducing overall time and increasing efficiency. It allows for quick engineering design validation throughout the product lifecycle. FLUENT for CATIA V5 embraces the high level of automation that is key to successful rapid flow modelling. Tasks that often require a lot of manual intervention, such as meshing, solution steering and reporting, are fully automated.

The advances in the software allow PLM companies to reduce their development times, while continuing to produce competitive and innovative products.

Fluent Europe Ltd is based in Sheffield, UK. www.fluent.com


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