Enhanced parametric solid modelling software

Paul Boughton

Alibre is releasing the newest version of its 3D parametric solid modelling software, Alibre Design 9.0.

The latest version provides dramatic new functionality and ease-of-use enhancements, and an expanded API to satisfy development partners. This release comes on the heels of the successful Alibre Design Xpress launch that has seen the company's user base grow by more than 30 times in six months.

Alibre now claims to be delivering more licenses of parametric solid modelling software per month than any other company.

The latest release of Alibre Design provides a host of new capabilities, including the following:

  • Design configurations now supported in parts, assemblies, drawings and bills of materials. Users can now efficiently build and manage projects with a variety of similar parts or assemblies. Designers can better explore and test concepts and show different stages of operation all in a single model without having to design and manage each variation in separate files.
  • 2D drawing enhancements include support for import and export of the latest versions of DWG and DXF files. Traditional CAD designers will be able to easily convert legacy 2D designs into intelligent 3D models, and share precisely generated 2D drawings with partners using Autocad or Autocad LT.
  • Improved sheet metal functionality to build more complex and precise sheet metal designs. The package provides support for overlapping flanges, enabling the design of sheet metal enclosures with airtight edges.
  •  A new pattern tool enables more complex user-defined patterns to be created. The expanded pallet includes punch patterns commonly used in sheet metal parts from turret punch press machines for cooling, weight reduction and attachment of fasteners and connectors.
  • The Expanded API provides for better integration with third-party applications. Improvements and enhancements to the API open more opportunities to tightly integrate Alibre Design with vertical applications such CAM, FEA, motion simulation, reverse engineering, and so on, as well as into enterprise PLM processes and systems.

    For more information, visit www.alibre.com


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