Software improves efficiency of design

Paul Boughton

Engineous Software, a provider of award-winning integration, automation, and design optimisation software and related strategic services, is releasing its new Isight-FD Product.

Isight-FD provides engineers with a suite of powerful advanced engineering tools and techniques that are accessed and executed through highly visual, easy-to-use drag-and-drop interfaces. The software began shipping in Europe and North America in late December 2005.

Isight-FD allows engineers to integrate steps in a design process in a drag-and-drop environment, set up an automated plan to thoroughly explore a product’s design space and rapidly optimise designs.

Isight-FD includes the following features: a powerful suite of optimisers, Design of Experiments, Monte Carlo simulations, accurate approximation methods, highly visual interfaces such as engineering data mining to help engineers understand design trade-offs, and a visual design driver that lets users ‘surf’ through the design space in real-time.

Michel Vrinat, PLM research director at CPDA, says: “CPDA, along with industry leaders and vendors, has created a council to assess current capabilities and future priorities for design and simulation integration frameworks.

“Several critical issues have been identified, including application integration, modular architecture, reuse of process information, and design optimisation. We believe software like Engineous’ Isight-FD provides engineers with a powerful, yet easy-to-use set of tools that focuses on these critical issues. In turn, these applications can then be extended to the engineering enterprise through Engineous’ Fiper infrastructure to enable collaborative sharing and execution of processes integrated through Isight-FD."

JP Evans, Engineous’ vice president of product management and marketing communications, comments: “Many engineering solutions available today are hard to use and require advanced training to get up and running. One of our main product development initiatives for Isight-FD was to combine the power of advanced engineering techniques with simple and intuitive visual interfaces. Isight-FD is an exciting extension to our Isight product line and is the result of extensive customer validation and user testing. We are confident that Isight-FD delivers the power and usability engineers want.”

The full-featured evaluation version of the software includes a getting started guide with easy-to-follow examples. 

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