Structural acrylic adhesive has seven minute handling

Paul Boughton

New to its its range of structural acrylic adhesives, 3M has added a version for applications requiring maximum versatility and productivity.

Scotch-Weld DP805 two part, 1:1 mix ratio adhesive offers a three to five minute working life and then builds strength rapidly to give a handling time of only seven minutes.

Suitable for a use on a multitude of substrates, including metals, ceramics, wood and most plastics, DP805 is highly viscous and suitable for application to vertical surfaces without sagging. An oil-tolerant formulation means it adheres well to metal surfaces without the need for specialist preparation.

High temperature resistance, good impact strength and durability in demanding environments make DP805 ideal for external applications such as signage as well as difficult industrial environments.

While its high shear strength means it is suitable for the toughest general purpose bonding challenges. 

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