Joining technology as a manufacturing solution

Paul Boughton

FisherCast Global’s automated IMA joining technology combines multi-step assembly and manufacturing into a low-cost, single step solution.

Precision tooling and injected molten zinc alloy join components of virtually any material into a high tolerance, ready-to-use assembly. Fabrications, material costs and inventory are eliminated by die casting one or more of the individual components during the joining process for even greater savings.

The cost of joining components by adhesive bonding, brazing, swaging, press fitting, rivetting or other processes can frequently be reduced by more than 50percent, while quality and productivity are increased.

Here are just a few examples of IMA manufacturing solutions: Pinion gears simultaneously cast and joined precisely in position on a shaft. Expensive machining replaced by forming a nut on a hex steel bar. A zinc alloy threaded bushing cast onto a stamped steel cover plate to replace a staked machined-steel bushing. Swaging and soldering are eliminated as a zinc alloy hub joins a pin to a seizure block.

FisherCast Global is based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.


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