Handles require no screws for installation

Paul Boughton

Marketed under the Snap-Line brand, Dirak’s new handles require no screws for installation. Snap-Line handles hold securely in place, even in severe vibration environments.

Additionally, the strength of the product is never compromised. Unlike plastic ‘clip-in’ models on the market, Snap-Line handles are made of zinc die-cast, including the actual D-SNAP ‘snap-in’ mechanism.   

A moderate pressing motion is all that is required to install the handle on a prepared panel. This takes about as much time as merely aligning a part – the first step of traditional assembly.

The D-SNAP housing holds a spring-loaded set of wings designed to snap into position to hold the handle firmly in the panel.  

To allow for easy replacement and for maintenance of associated areas, the
D-SNAP mechanism can be retracted using a tool, easily allowing the hardware to slide back out from the panel opening.

There are many aesthetic designs and sizes available, and the handles are even ergonomically designed for easy use even with gloved hands. Snap-Line handles include: grab handles, pull handles and concealed handles.

DIRAK GmbH & Co KG is based in Ennepetal, Germany. www.dirak.com


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