Riveted assembly is guaranteed for life

Paul Boughton

When your life depends on a single rope, you want corresponding hardware that is up to the task.

The Trango company of Boulder, Colorado, USA, needed a precision assembly method for its next-generation belay/rappel cinch device. Designed for sport climbing and top-roping with a single rope, Trango’s new hardware had to be lightweight yet strong.

In order to create a supremely reliable joint, Trango’s lead design engineer, Seth Murray, went to the Orbitform Group's application laboratory in Jackson, Michigan, USA. After a thorough analysis, Orbitform's application team determined the best way to attach the parts. A solid stainless steel rivet holds the locking hardware with a conical peen, and a hollow form is rolled over washers with a modified eyelet peen. Both forms are set by the same OrbitformB500 pneumatic orbital riveting machine.

This machine features ‘Lite-touch’ palm buttons for maximum operator safety, a maximum downward force of 19.6kN at 6.9bar, a stroke that is adjustable from 1.52 to 63.5mm in 0.03mm increments, and an ability to handle short or long cycles and hard materials.

The belay/rappel cinch is one of the active climber’s most used – and most important – pieces of hardware. Like all of Trango’s climbing equipment, it comes with a lifetime warranty – because climbers literally depend on it. 

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