Pipe system for aggressive exhaust air

Paul Boughton

email 250 light is a high-quality pipe system alternative for aggressive and exhaust air waste water in industrial processes.

The installation-friendly lightweight has excellent chemical resistance due to its acid-proof enamel coating, is anti-adhesive and can withstand high thermal loads.

The smooth surface is easily cleaned and exhibits a high level of safety during fires. Another advantage of this price competitive pipe system is its high, long-term resistance. Material embrittlement typical for plastics is unknown to this enamelled system.

Until now, thin-walled enamelled systems did not exist for exhaust air or waste water technologies. Up to now, commercially available systems have been mostly thick-walled, heavy and lined with synthetic material or constructed from glass. Plastic models are increasingly becoming obsolete, in particular due to tightening of internationally-accepted fire protection regulations.

Areas of application for email 250 light are found in numerous industries, especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries as well as in environmental technology, recycling, cooling air/exhaust air systems, dust extraction and degreasing. In other words, everywhere where chemical wastewaters, aggressive air, welding smoke, acetic acid, fats, etc, must be drawn away from the manufacturing process.

Behind system are Jacob and Düker.

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