Infrared fire detector can cover large, hazardous areas

Paul Boughton

In oil rigs, refineries and petrochemical plants, an explosion-proof beam detector from Fire Fighting Enterprises will protect large areas against smoke.

The Fireray 2000 Eexd accompanies optical flame detectors for comprehensive fire protection wherever there are smouldering materials, like ropes or polymerised fabrics.
The system comprises an infrared transmitter and a receiver, both of which are ATEX-certified, as well as a controller for adjustment and testing from a convenient, non-hazardous location.

The Fireray 2000 Eexd sends an infrared beam from a transmitter mounted high on a wall to a receiver opposite.

If the strength of the signal received is sufficiently reduced by smoke, the unit triggers an alarm. Using the small remote controller in a safe area, alarm levels can be adjusted and functionality tested.

Crucially, no electronics within the detector heads eliminates the need to return to them other than for occasional cleaning and alignment checking.

The Fireray 2000 Eexd covers a surprisingly wide area. With the two components installed 100m apart, a single set can cover up to 1500 m2. In comparison, around 15 standard ‘point’ smoke detectors would be needed to cover the same area, greatly increasing both hardware and cabling costs.

Like FFE’s other Fireray beam detectors, the explosion-proof version has a drift compensation feature. This ensures that a gradual reduction in signal strength, caused either by accumulating dust on the housing or by slight movement of the building, will not result in an unwanted alarm.

Suitable for supply voltages from 12 to 24Vdc, the Fireray 2000 Eexd has a low current consumption, making it easy to integrate into existing detection and alarm systems.
In its quiescent state, the controller draws 8 mA dc. The receiver is powered by the controller. 

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