Safety testers for electrical production

Paul Boughton

The new SafeTest Manufacturing safety tester incorporates seven fundamental electrical safety tests in a compact bench top instrument.
The new instrument can be used as a simple manual tester or with varying degrees of automatic test sequencing and performs earth bond, insulation resistance, flash/hipot, leakage, short-to-line and run/load tests.
Easy to operate with a full QWERTY keypad and on screen user instructions, the new SafeTest instrument has been designed to meet the needs of manufacturers that require a range of relatively straightforward safety tests to be carried out on a variety of electrical and electronic products.
All tests are individually user selectable and an internal memory has the capacity to store the results of 6000 tests. The new tester also comes with an optional safety label printer that enables the automatic production of test tags, labels and test reports.
Special safety interlocks and protection routines provide enhanced operator safety and a full range of test station accessories can also be supplied, including warning beacons.

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