Multifunctional thermostat

Paul Boughton

The multifunctional thermostat enables the simultaneous realisation of two different switching functions in one device.

In practice, the thermostat can operate as a time-delayed open on temperature rise and close on temperature rise thermostat. This can be realised on an additional control line. If there is a setup of a maximum temperature the thermostat can be used also as a temperature limiter. This active principle will be applicable in home appliances for controlling the fan in ovens with air circulation heaters and respectively in coffee machines with thermos insulated bottles for prevention of cycling the heater after finishing the brewing process.

The use of a multifunctional thermostat ensures the control of temporally delayed processes. The delay time is in the range of ≤3min. The maximum switching current is 16A at 250VAC. The mechanical construction of the multifunctional thermostat is simple and robust. These thermostats are single-pole temperature devices with open on temperature rise and close on temperature rise contacts in a ceramic case.

Additionally, they are equipped with an outside accessible heating resistor. Internally, the heating resistor is connected with the switching contact. The operation of the contact system takes place through a bimetal snap disc.

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