Cheaper and more robust touch screens

Paul Boughton

QField technology removes the need for panel openings, seals and bezels because the ITO layer can be printed on the underside of the touch panel surface, which is typically glass or plastic. This feature greatly simplifies construction and lowers manufacturing costs. The touch panel can be up to 3mm thick and the reduction to only one ITO layer makes the screen more transparent, with up to 90 per cent light transmission. This means that LCD brightness and contrast is improved, lower level backlighting is needed and less power is consumed – a major benefit and cost saver in portable equipment. The same technology can be applied to flexible or curved surfaces to allow for a variety of screens layouts, enabling designers to differentiate their products through attractive user interfaces.
Quantum will be introducing a family of integrated circuits that can be used to implement QField technology and will advise customers with respect to appropriate physical construction of their touch screens and choice of ITO vendors who are familiar with the requirements.

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