DC-DC converts support 3:1 input voltage

Paul Boughton

These units support a 3:1 input voltage range that will allow for operation in both 24V or 48V nominal input voltage systems, eliminating the need for separate power modules to handle the two input voltage ranges, and therefore resulting in significant cost and logistics savings for OEM customers.
EQD075A and EQD02A0F series converters operate over a wide input voltage range of 18 to 60Vdc and provide a single precisely regulated output.
The EQD series converters are designed to deliver up to 75W of output power in an industry standard eighth brick package measuring 57.9mm x 22.8mm x 8.5mm (2.28in. x 0.90in x 0.335in).
The output is isolated from the input, allowing versatile polarity configurations and grounding connections.
Built in filtering for both input and output minimises the need for external filtering.
EQD series converters employ half-bridge conversion topology with highly optimised synchronous rectification and incorporate patented edge-plating with innovative packaging techniques to deliver superior thermal performance.
EQD075A offers a programmable output voltage range of 3.0V to 5.5Vdc with industry standard per cent (48Vin). EQD020A0F is optimised for 3.3V output and can deliver 20A at 3.3V with full load efficiency of 89percent (48Vin) EQD series converters are rated for wide operating temperature range of -40°C-85°C.
Standard features include, remote on/off, remote sense, monotonic start-up under pre-bias conditions, over-temperature protection, input under/overvoltage protection, and output overcurrent/voltage protection.
The converters are fully compliant to the RoHS EU Directive and are compatible in a Pb-free or SnPb reflow environment. EQD series is best for distributed power architectures, wireless networks, 24V industrial and test and measurement applications.

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