International event on lead-free electronics

Paul Boughton

IPC and Soldertec Global have announced the 4th International Conference on Lead-Free Electronics and Implementation of the RoHS Directive’ to be held in Copenhagen-Malmo, between April 25th–27th 2006.

A new feature will be the availability of exhibition cabinets to allow environmentally conscious manufacturers to promote a selection of their RoHS compliant products to the audience of attendees and visitors.

This event offers one of the last opportunities for global industry discussion, technical collaboration, and information sharing. Several major Japanese manufacturers have already confirmed a strong interest in exhibiting their RoHS compliant products. There are also opportunities for event sponsorship in a variety of forms, and exhibition space for tabletop displays.

“This conference-exhibition is being held at a critical time for the electronics industry – just weeks before all affected electrical equipment put on the market in Europe will need to comply with the RoHS Directive on all six banned hazardous substances,” says Kay Nimmo, Research Director at Soldertec Global.

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