Downhole inspection completed

Paul Boughton

EV Offshore Ltd, a provider of downhole, subsea and well intervention camera inspection solutions, today announced that it has successfully completed a downhole inspection operation for Paladin Expro Limited (Paladin) in the North Sea.

The operation was carried out from the GlobalSantaFe 140 semi-submersible rig on a development well in the Brechin Field, which is located close to the Montrose, Arbroath and Arkwright (MonArb) Field complex.

While running the subsea completion at the end of the well, some debris collected above the tubing hanger of the horizontal subsea tree preventing the internal tree cap from seating correctly. A clean-out run with brushes was performed to remove the debris from the Xmas tree. To ensure that the area was clear of debris prior to continuing with the operation, Paladin called EV Offshore in hopes that the downhole inspection specialist would be able to carry out a visual inspection of the inside of the Xmas tree.

At short notice, EV Offshore mobilised an experienced technician and a full complement of specialist camera inspection equipment to the rig. Given the difficulty of accessing this particular area on the Xmas tree, EV Offshore engineers knew that it wouldn’t make sense to use its standard CamScan EVO2inspection system on its own.

A special drillpipe running tool, with integral flush-through capability, was used that made it possible to run the CamScan EVO2 on drillpipe.

By employing this technology, in addition to downhole pressure, temperature, and other essential downhole data, engineers were able to assess conditions visually in real-time.

With the monochrome low-light camera and a high-definition colour camera inside the running tool, Paladin engineers had instant access to high-resolution visual images of the area in question. The comprehensive pictures of conditions downhole enabled operations to be carried out with even greater accuracy and confidence. The system makes it possible to download pictures and short movies from the camera to a memory stick.

Coupled with a back-up CamScan EVO2 and umbilical, and a camera-running and flushing tool, this suite of equipment makes it possible for EV Offshore to offer full, continuous hemispherical viewing while running downhole - in colour or monochrome. It is also capable of flushing turbid water and dislodging obstructions at target depth to offer a clear view.

Upon running the CamScan EVO2 in-hole with the drillpipe running tool, and displacing turbid water from the top of the Xmas tree, a clear visual image was viewed on the PC onboard the rig whereby the Paladin engineers were able to obtain visual confirmation that the debris had been successfully removed by the clean-out operation. The internal tree cap was then successfully installed, and drilling operations resumed.

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