Using FEA to improve product development

Paul Boughton

ABAQUS is used to predict dynamic behaviour and stresses accurately, which are then used to estimate V-belt durability for various CVT configurations.  

The gasoline-electric Honda Insight hybrid has received many awards, including ‘Best Integration/Use of New Technology’ in its class at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum. The Insight entered into the competition featured the new continuously variable (CVT) transmission and offers 57/56 mpg city/highway EPA fuel-economy rating.

In collaboration with ABAQUS support and development teams, Honda has also developed a custom application using ABAQUS/CAE to enable design engineers to conduct effective trade-off evaluations of new design scenarios without having to learn the advanced mechanics which powered the application. This initiative has led to many ABAQUS successes for Honda including evaluation of dynamic behaviour and ring stress to estimate durability of V-belts for CVT, new simulation method includes for the first time pulley flexural stiffness, contact clarified between ring edge and pulley surface due to misalignment,  and custom application build using ABAQUS/CAE to enable access to design engineers.