Common dc bus systems bring high configurability and savings

Paul Boughton

Vacon’s common dc bus product portfolio is a continuation of the Vacon NXP. Typical applications for the NXP are those requiring high performance, such as master-slave drives, positioning applications, winder tension control, and synchronisation.

The benefits offered by the dc bus product portfolio are, for example, high I/O configurability, a wide range of communication alternatives and space savings. Also the same PC tools and applications can be used. Consequently, the number of spare parts can be optimised.

The product portfolio fulfils almost any solution demands with a flexible architecture for a cost-efficient installation. Typically, they are used for sectional drives in the pulp and paper segment and in the metals segment.

Depending on the application, the common dc bus configuration can bring significant energy savings when the braking energy is used.

This is the case when there is more than one drive involved and at least one of them is braking. In this case, the braking power is directly fed via the common dc bus to the other drives without transferring through the mains supply.

Vacon Plc is based in Vaasa, Finland.