Escalating demand for polyester textiles boosts PTA centrifuges sales

Paul Boughton

To help meet the demand for this oil-derived chemical, used in the manufacture of polyester fibres, UK Centrifuge manufacturer Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd has been awarded orders in excess of £30m Sterling.
Broadbent large capacity Decanter Centrifuges used, for the PTA dewatering process, are able to provide a variety of cost-saving user benefits such as long-life seals, high throughput and low maintenance.

Current customers include the Zejiang Hualian Sunshine Petro-chemical Co Ltd (Shaoxing), the Zhejiang Yisheng Petrochemical Co Ltd (Ningbo), the Orental Petrochemical (Shanghai) Corporation and the Indorama Petrochem Co (Thailand).
“More than 30 of the world’s largest PTA Centrifuges are currently being manufactured in our Huddersfield works,” comments Broadbent’s Business Manager John Wright. “Escalating global demand for polyester textiles has triggered corresponding growth in the market for PTA, which is currently increasing at a rate of 8 per cent per annum. To satisfy this demand, PTA producers and synthetic textile companies operating predominantly within the Far East are continuing to expand and up-grade their production facilities with cost-effective manufacturing techniques and investment in some of the most advanced process technologies.”

“Having thoroughly researched and sold into the PTA market for a good many years we became very much aware that processing plants were gradually increasing in size, with average manufacturing facilities producing well in excess of 600 000 tonnes per annum. We also recognised that, being the world’s largest decanters available for this type of duty, our machines were extremely compatible with the high volume PTA production processes and as such, were highly competitive in international markets.”
Broadbent decanters, used in the primary dewatering process are intrinsically robust and combine reliable performance with a low maintenance requirement. Due to recent development work and the large capacity of Broadbent PTA decanters, it is now possible for one decanter to continue processing up to 50 tonnes/hour of dry PTA powder while maintaining normal high quality product.

Thomas Broadbent is based in Huddersfield, UK.