Seals solve leakage problems on top-entry agitators

Paul Boughton

The internal termination of the shaft creates an inherent maintenance problem: the lower bearing – if one exists at all – is practically inaccessible and is rarely, if ever, maintained. Lower bearing wear, or lack of a bearing at all, creates radial misalignment at the seal at the top of the vessel, which causes packing seals to fail.
Woodex has patented its
OFS-series seal, which permits radial and axial misalignments without compromising the integrity of the seal face. A positive drive mechanism allows driveshafts to float axially through the seal without affecting the seal face, while maintaining spring force on the seal.
The seal’s design also permits radial eccentricity, while a companion steady bushing limits angular misalignment.

Woodex Bearing Co Ltd is based in Georgetown, ME, USA.