Pressure to improve plant performance pushes manufacturers to new levels

Paul Boughton

In doing so, production plants have to rely on critical pressure relief devices as the last line of defence against unacceptably high overpressures. The use bursting or rupture discs to quickly relieve pressure in a vessel before it builds to devastating, explosive levels are common. These safety devices are renowned for offering immediate and unrestricted relief area, designed to bring down the overpressure rapidly.
The KRGL-value of the bursting disc is a measure of how quickly the disc opens and pressure is allowed to flow out of the vessel. This can be translated into ‘the lowest KRGL bursting disc relieves pressure faster, protecting the equipment better from damage’.
The new Axius reverse-acting rupture disc represents a revolutionary advancement in high performance pressure relief technology. Designed to be used in aggressive chemical and pharmaceutical applications, the Axius disc is available in high corrosion-resistant materials and offers the tightest performance tolerances available.
The Axius has demonstrated to operate without fatigue from full vacuum up to a 95percent of the burst pressure for over 50000 cycles.
Using Fike’s new patented G2 Technology, the Axius product line is developed without using traditional tooling methods, such as coining or scoring hence reducing the risk for stress-induced fatigue and/or failure. This means less replacement discs for plants to purchase and a serious cost reduction factor. There are no tool marks or indentations on the process side of the bursting disc, making this the only 95 per cent operating ratio disc with a completely smooth process surface. This enables the Axius to deliver higher operating ratios without chemical build-up so that plant managers can get more work out of their pressure relief device and their production process.
The Axius bursting disc with G2 Technology enables chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing production plants to realise increased efficiency, cost reductions, and higher levels of process performance.

Fike Europe Bvba is based in Herentals, Belgium.