Novel thermostats have temperature range from -90¢ªC to 300¢ªC

Paul Boughton

Lauda Proline thermostats are the first thermostats which are suitable for general use in research, application technology, production and quality control and grow in accordance with your needs.

They have a large temperature range from -90to300°C. Lauda Proline is available in master and command versions.

The individual Proline power packages are milestones of the thermostating technology.
Lauda Proline devices contain the unique Varioflex pump. This high-power pressure/suction pump can be adjusted in eight levels to the particular output requirement for homogenous circulation of the bath liquid.

The newly-developed SmartCool System provides a digital cooling management that ensures the optimum cooling output for a particular operating condition at all times. It facilitates the advancement into new cooling capacities of up to 1.6kW.

The PowerAdapt System of Lauda Proline enables even cooling thermostats to reach a heater power of up to 3.5kW in order to achieve fast heating times.

The SelfCheck Assistant provides safety features at the highest level. The heart is the end-to-end two channel safety system which was designed in accordance with the most recent EU directives and standards. This results in an outstanding over temperature protection.

Lauda Dr R Wobser GmbH & Co KG is based in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany.