Paul Boughton

Over the past 13 years Huahui Company, based in Ningxia in China, has become a modern manufacturing base of activated carbon with an annual production capability of 25000 tons.
The company’s activated carbon is able to absorb many chemicals from gas or aqueous solution making it a suitable filtration aid for many different industries.
The carbon is designed with a high surface area and a proper range of pore size distribution between macrospore, mesopore and micropore.
The products are divided into in to four types such as pellet carbon, granular carbon, powder activated carbon, and special-shaped activated carbon. The products are widely used for gas-phase absorption (gas purification, poison gas protection, odour control, catalyst carrier, etc) and liquid-phase absorption (running water purification, industrial waste water disposal, solvent recovery, food decolourising).
Huahu’s carbon products are based on anthracite mainly and on bituminous coal, coconut charcoal etc conditionally, and are packaged in 25kg bags or 500kg bags. These can be available in pelletised activated carbon from 0.9mm to 7mm with different specification, for example CTC from 35percent to 130percent, ash content from 5percent till 15percent, moisture less than 5percent, etc, granular activated carbon with different size distribution from US mesh 4x8, 10x20, 20x40, 8x30, 8x16, 12x40, etc, also different specification including Iodine number, CTC, ash, moisture,
PH value and so on.
The company can supply powder activated carbon 30x200, 60x200, less than 200US mesh, and less than 325US mesh with different specifications.

Ningxia Huahui Activated Carbon Co, Ltd, Yinchuan, Ningxia,P R China.