Coriolis flow meter suits aggressive fluids

Paul Boughton

FCI’s model CMM flow meter can cope with a wide range of harsh fluids – from water to acids, corrosives, and even hazardous
safety-sensitive fluids such as phosgene.
The CMM flow meter’s wetted surface parts are available in nine standard materials that ensure compatibility and long-life. Available standard materials include: 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy C-22, Tantalum, carbon steel, Monel, titanium, Hastelloy B, nickel and zirconium. Until now the choice of standard wetted surface materials available from other Coriolis flow meters suppliers has been limited. This meant that many processes suitable for Coriolis flow metering had to settle for less accuracy or no measurement.
Designed for service in line sizes from 1/8 to 2 inches (DN 6 to DN 50), the CMM flow meter is a versatile instrument for flow rates up to 40000kg/hr (1460lb/min). The CMM is accurate to 0.1percent in liquids and to 0.5percent in gases (plus reading).