Dry technology: safe, clean, leakfree even under severest conditions

Paul Boughton

Growing costs and increasing environmental awareness are placing special
demands on fittings technology.

Leaks, for example, must be prevented more effeciently than ever before. Parker-Ermeto has faced this challenge and come up with EO-2, the fittings generation with soft sealing which provides the user with a number of important advantages:

  • Soft sealing to ensure optimal leaktightness and improved operational
  • Insensitivity to vibrations and pressure peaks.
  • Simple and fast assembly even without skilled manpower.
  • Reliable assembly control. 
  • Unrestricted repeated assembly.
  • Cost-saving assembly.

For the first time there is stainless steel direct assembly in the fitting
body without preassembly tool. Preassembly equals finished assembly and

  •  No special preparation of the tube is needed.
  • Problem-free replacement of sealing ring.
  • Easy handling.
  • Dual function EO-DUR nut with integrated sealing and retaining element. 
  • No addition cost for tools.

EO-2 is fully compatible with proven tube fittings systems with 24° cone in accordance with DIN 3861/ISO 8434.

Parker Hannifin GmbH, Tube Fittings Division Europe, is based in Bielefeld,Germany. www.parker.com


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