Increase line capcity and lower valve costs

Paul Boughton

Replacing low differential pressure globe valves with eccentric rotary plug valves can increase line capacity while lowering valve costs.

When the rotary plug valves meet globe valve face-to-face dimensions, additional savings can be realised since no piping modifications are required. The Flowserve MaxFlo 3 is available with flangeless, short-flanged, and globe valve face-to-face dimensions.

Safety is of paramount importance in the process control industry. Control valves must be designed to protect plant personnel.

The principal concern with rotary valves is that if a shaft failure occurs, the internal line pressure could eject the shaft and allow release of process fluid into the atmosphere. This can result in injury, fires, and damage to equipment and the environment. Many rotary valves utilise a retaining pin and packing arrangement to secure the shaft. Unfortunately, this system fails if it is not assembled correctly.

The MaxFlo 3 design is foolproof: the shaft contains a step that is larger than the bonnet bore so the shaft cannot be ejected from the valve if a shaft failure occurs. Shaft retention is assured, even when the valve is improperly assembled! The MaxFlo 3 meets the stringent safety requirements of ANSI B16.34 6.5.1 and API 609 4.5.2.

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