Global Gear supports a wide variety of cartridge seals

Paul Boughton

Ther GlobalGear internal gear pump from Tuthill Pump Group is designed to deliver more reliable performance, lower total costs of pump ownership, and overall better value.

Pump leakage and the inability of traditional gear pumps to reliably support mechanical seal technology is a major concern voiced by users in the process industries.

GlobalGear was designed from the beginning to reliably support mechanical seal technology, and especially cartridge mechanical seal technology. The stuffing boxes were designed to accept cartridge seals that correspond to industry standard shaft diameter sizes. GlobalGear will support a wide variety of cartridge type seals including cartridge lip seals.

The larger pumps in the series (120­250 sizes) were designed with oversized shafts that reduce shaft deflection by up to 55 per cent. Less shaft deflection means less bushing wear, and the seal faces will run true. The result is longer bushing and seal life, and less maintenance and downtime. Installations on problem applications commonly show a significant gain in pump life compared to the traditional designs.

When it is time for maintenance, GlobalGear was designed to offer inline seal access so that cartridge seals can be changed out in the field without removing the pump or motor. If maintenance is to be done in the shop, GlobalGear offers back pullout, so that the bracket and rotor assembly can be taken out of line, eliminating the need to break piping connections to the pump flanges.

GlobalGear can be configured with a metric shaft so that metric dimensioned couplings and mechanical seals can be used. GlobalGear offers port location and type flexibility. True ISO flanged ports are available, and ports can be configured for either a 90° angle orientation or 180° opposite ports.

Rotor head and idler gear components are made of premium, tougher materials as standard. GlobalGear eliminates the need to incur added costs for steel fitted construction in iron pumps, or non-galling alloys in stainless pumps.

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