Energy-efficient pumps for potentially explosive areas

Paul Boughton

Mike Scala outlines the advantages of a new generation of diaphragm pumps.

A recently released ATEX certified range of non-metallic diaphragm pumpsoffer safety to dangerous environments. The ATEX directive refers to theminimum requirements for improving the safety and health protection ofworkers at risk from explosive atmospheres.

The directive covers equipment,which may be used in areas, endangered by potentially explosive atmospherescreated by the presence of flammable gases, vapour, mists or dusts.Ingersoll-Rand ARO¹s EXPert Series Pump product now includes an ATEXCertified non-metallic diaphragm pump range.

This Smart Carbon Fibre Series of ATEX Certified non-metallic air operated diaphragm pumps is designed to increase the level of safety within potentially explosive environments.Smart carbon fibre is an industry exclusive technology and is an advantageoverall diaphragm pump competitors who use low technology carbon loading to meet the minimum ATEX Requirements.

Simply introducing foreign substances into existing non-metallic materials (carbon loading) can have negative impacts on product performance and safety.In line with the rest of the EXP family, these pumps have been designed from the inside out to provide enhanced solution capabilities to end-users.Solutions include non-stalling and non-freezing during a critical dispense cycle and enhancing global competitiveness by lowering their total cost of ownership.

The EXP pump family utilises the most advanced technology to provide best-in-class efficiency. EXP pumps are up to 40percent more energy efficient than competitive models.Ingersoll-Rand ARO EXPert Series Process Pumps are up to 40 per cent more efficient than competitive pump models. That saving, per pump, could be as much as 100cfm or the equivalent of running an 18kW air compressor.

The payback on air savings alone could be over £4000 a year.Non-sticking, non-freezing air motor design makes the service intervals for the EXPert series process pumps up to four times longer than competitive models.EXPert diaphragms provide up to four times the life of standard diaphragms.

Spares include cost-effective service kits, not the expensive full-valve replacements of some competitors.Features include:

  • *Quick dump valves. These eliminate pump ice-up by diverting cold, wet exhaust air away from the major air valve.
  • Simul-Shift Valve. Provides an ultra-positive, reliable shift signal that
    avoids stall-out and provides faster pump trip-over with more flow that
    improves delivery through minimising pulsation and creating superior laminar
    material flow.
  • D-Valve. Provides a positive seal and insures optimum energy efficiency
    while avoiding costly air Œblow-by¹.
  • Major air valve. Unbalanced valve deign eliminates valve centering and
    pump stall-out even under low inlet pressures.
  • Simplifies major air valve block. New valve block design is simple to
    service and lube free

The advantages of carbon fibre materials against carbon loaded materials are
as follows:

  • Eliminates material contamination. Traditional carbon loading allows
    small particles of carbon to pollute material being transferred.
  • Higher conductivity. Safer working environment (competitors forced to
    carbon load diaphragms).
  • Fracture toughness. Impact Resistance, durable enough to withstand
    demanding industrial environments.
  •  Superior corrosion resistance. Protects against premature failure in
    aggressive environments.
  • Higher temperature resistance. Mechanical properties retained at high
    temperature operation.
  • Superior strength to weight ratio giving higher structural strength.

Mike Scala is with Ingersoll-Rand, Les Clayes Sous Bois, France.


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