Standardising jointing requirements

Paul Boughton

Imagine a world where all your sealing needs could be met with one material, Thermiculite.

That’s the claim of Flexitallic Ltd. For 20 years users and manufacturers alike have been searching for the panacea. A non-asbestos sealing material that works as well as the now defunct asbestos.

Two dynamics pushed the development forward with energy. Primarily, the temperature limit for graphite in all its forms was lowered due to the discovery that graphite degraded over time in service and a new top limit of 350¢ªC was set.

Secondly, tests results were attained on a non-steel core Thermiculite jointing that exceeded 450¢ªC without any material degradation. After three years testing and development heralding the arrival of a standard jointing, every gasket style can now be filled with Thermiculite, making gasket selection a thing of the past.

Thermiculite is the first opportunity engineers have had to standardise on their jointing requirements and at the same time increase their utilisation of sealing technology. 

Flexitallic Ltd is based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, UK.


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