Paperless recorders monitor water useage

Paul Boughton

When the Washington State Department of Transportation in the USA, required the monitoring of water usage at 33 different highway rest areas, they selected DataChart paperless recorders.

The recorders were installed throughout the state to monitor, display and record the flow rate and total consumption of water from a variety of different types of water meters. It was vital that the recorders could be ‘polled’ remotely via telephone modem as Washington State is the 18th largest state in the USA at 71303 square miles (114751sq km).

Each recorder’s provided the flexibility to Scale each 4–20mA input channel from the different types of water meters. WDOT staff in the capital, Olympia could poll each recorder via the modem connection and also verify data on-site with the ability to recall and display trends.

Reliable data collection and programmable alarm set-points provided the ability for WDOT to quickly identify problems at any monitored facility.

Long-term trending allowed for better management and conservation of a valuable resource. 

Monarch Instrument is based in Amherst, New Hampshire, USA.


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