Wall chart and pocket guide assist with planning complex projects

Paul Boughton

ABB is launching a wall chart and pocket guide to help customers determine which activities are necessary for a successful project and where these activities fit in their overall process, from initial concept to lifecycle maintainability of a plant.

By highlighting all potential areas of support – whether safety, validation, fieldbus, electrical scope or telecommunications – on a colour-coded wall chart and pocket guide, customers can easily identify where they are in their project and where they need to go next.

The wall chart and pocket guide cover every aspect of ABB’s capability, from service and support through products, industries and expertise. By following the distinctive colour-coded lines, end users can clearly see where ABB can provide support and assistance whether in products, services or advice.

The wall chart and pocket guide show critical points in a project’s life cycle as highlighted nodes. The central line is designed to give end users a quick overview of the potential considerations on their project’s journey, identifying the key areas that end users must consider. These are important because they help the end user appreciate the additional planning needed at this point in the project, while highlighting the combination of different support services available from ABB at that point. For example, fieldbus, instrumentation and safety all converge at instrumentation scope, definition and costing, indicating that ABB provides highly effective support for defining the engineering requirements required to get to this point.

Under service and support there are quick checklists showing how ABB helps with asset management, product and system services, through to maintaining the plant's license to operate.

As on every panel on the wall chart and pocket guide, the service and support panel gives contact details for expert help, training enquiries, ABB’s dedicated service support line and its free Brochureline. For example, under the applications section are listed ABB brochures and other literature for the oil and gas, pharmaceutical and chemical industries that can provide additional information relevant for an end user.

To make the whole process easy for the end user, the wall chart and pocket guide have contact details – both telephone and web – clearly marked and facilitating the direct support available to its customers.

Under products there is information about ABB’s product availability. These are listed in sub groups with key products and the type of customers served indicated making it easy for end-users to identify additional specific sources of help when needed.

The wall chart and pocket guide are free and can be requested from ABB. 

For more information, visit www.abb.com/instrumentation


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