Rotary sensor suits harsh environments

Paul Boughton

Penny + Giles is announcing that its popular SRS880 rugged sealed rotary sensor is now available with an optional stainless steel housing.

Resistance to corrosion means the sensor, which is said to be larger and more robust than competitive offerings in the market, is suitable for heavy-duty position sensing applications in offshore and marine environments where salt water corrosion can be a long-term problem.

With an 88mm diameter stainless steel housing and 12mm diameter shaft, the SRS880 uses established technology and innovative design features to provide corrosion resistance and maximum performance under extremes of temperature, humidity, vibration and shock.

SRS880 is a range of 35 models with angles from 10 to 350 in 10 increments which allows the user to match the sensitivity of the system to the application for better data acquisition and closer control. 

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