Optimised cost-effective ingredient dosing system

Paul Boughton

Where a range of products have the same basic ingredients other than colour, flavour and smell etc, the most cost efficient approach to production is to manufacture a base material and then add the various ingredients that differentiate the finished products as required.

This scenario can be realised by employing a Finishing Unit developed by SPX Process Equipment.

Designed for easy installation immediately ahead of bottling or packing filling lines Finishing Units are suitable for dosing specific quantities of additives into the batch produced base at the last minute.

This enables manufacturers to vary production quickly according to demand, consume all the base material and virtually eliminate the costs associated with the treatment and disposal of effluent and excess materials.

The simplicity or complexity of each Finishing Unit depends on the application and indicates the number of pumpheads required. 

SPX Process Equipment is based in Brixworth, Northants, UK. www.spxprocessequipment.com


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