Two-wire valve actuator control system features Ethernet connection

Paul Boughton

The latest version of the Rotork Pakscan two-wire digital control system for valve actuators incorporates an Ethernet connection from the loop master station.

Pakscan can control up to 240 Rotork actuators on a single loop of up to 20km in length. The introduction of a Pakscan Ethernet master station provides significant additional user benefits.

The master station is connected to a PLC or DCS over an Ethernet LAN using Modbus–TCP protocol, itself one of the easiest Ethernet protocols to use. The connection enables up to ten coincident users to access data from the master station and operates on 10BaseT and 100BaseT networks. One of the master station’s strongest features is the inclusion of an embedded web server. Operators can simply browse to the Pakscan control loop using Internet Explorer or similar software.  

Screens show the master station configuration, the order of the valve actuators on the Pakscan loop and the condition of the loop communications. For each actuator there are pages showing current status, alarms present, tag data and, for Rotork’s IQ and IQT intelligent actuators, operating torque profiles. With the right access, the valve actuators can also be controlled from these web pages. If an alarm is generated on the system, from either an actuator or the master station, the system can send an email to a specified address indicating the nature of the fault and the time that it occurred. 

Rotork Controls Ltd is based in Bath, Somerset, UK.


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