Quick knock down diaphragm pump

Paul Boughton

 With the highest flow capacity of any air-operated diaphragm pump certified by 3A, the Graco 31503A sanitary pump meets the sanitation requirements of the milk and dairy industry.

Mounted on a floor stand and equipped with a leak detector, the 31503A can be rotated 185¢ª to drain any excess sanitation chemicals used in the CIP process.

The Husky 31503A typically is used for evacuation of food process from mixing kettles, repackaging of fluids from original container to smaller receptacles, transferring from original containers to mixing tanks and high volume evacuation of liquid concentrates from shipping tankers to holding vessels. Fluids handled range from milk, yoghurt, sour cream and ice cream to light-viscosity cheeses and even pharmaceutical lotions.

The 31503A models feature standard an electronic leak detector in case a diaphragm fails. Using both optical and conductivity sensors, the detector sounds a built-in audio alarm and signals an external shut down of the pump to prevent damage.

Features and benefits include:

  •  Pumps up to 568litres per minute.
  •  Easy to clean with its quick knock down, 185° rotating design.
  • Oonly 3inch pump certified by 3-A for dairy and milk applications.
  • Featuring Graco’s lube free, non-sticking air valve.
  • Designed specifically for the sanitary market. 

GRACO NV is based in Maasmechelen, Belgium. www.graco.be


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