Visual flow indicator is chemical resistant

Paul Boughton

The new Rising Ball visual flow indicator from Flow-Mon is a high-quality unit suitable for use in any flow or fluid circulation system, whether chemicals, lubrication or cooling fluids.

When there is a flow of fluid above a minimum level, a white PTFE ball rises into the reinforced borosilicate glass dome and becomes visible. Flow-Mon re-engineered this modern version of an established product concept to provide a low cost, off-the-shelf flow visualisation system.

The white Teflon ball provides a simple indication of any significant fluid flow down the flow line, even in gases, steam or colourless liquids. In addition, the glass window onto the fluid itself provides a useful monitoring point for the typical plant maintenance engineer: the physical inspection picture provided could prevent countless unnecessary system breakdowns.

With minimal pressure drop, typically less than 0.2bar, and flow set-point indication ranging from 0.1 litres/min to 13 litres/min, depending on line size, these Flow-Mon Rising Ball units provide immediately recognisable flow indication, without requiring any power or maintenance, and with minimal flow restriction. All units are PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) approved, and produced by Flow-Mon, an ISO 2001 registered company.

BSP or NPT connections are available as standard on 1/4in to 1.5in flow lines; the high-grade bronze or stainless steel investment cast bodies are suitable for pressures as high as 16bar at 200 degrees C.

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