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Paul Boughton

The new Vacon NXP drive incorporates a wealth of new and enhanced features.

Available from 0.55 kW up to 3 MW in voltages from 230 V to 690 V, the new drive is intended for demanding automation, motion control and machine building applications, incorporating the latest trends in functionality and options.

The new NXP Application Package contains applications for positioning control and shaft synchronisation, and the system interface application for use in demanding drive systems.

The NXP can run both standard induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors in all configurations from servo to dedicated high-speed permanent magnet motors. New feedback device support has been added for absolute encoders and resolvers in addition to traditional incremental pulse encoders. Furthermore, the integrated safe disable function allows system designers to design safe and cost-efficient solutions for the use and maintenance of their systems.

Support for Ethernet TCP/IP communication and other services are now also available, allowing a higher degree of flexibility in system and machine integration, e.g. in configuring and monitoring several drives at a time via the Internet.

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Vacon Plc is based in Vaasa, Finland.


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