Modular design used in customised applications

Paul Boughton

The products use a standardised Dirak installation cut-out, so hardware can be replaced or interchanged without the time and expense of preparing a new panel. products such as latches can be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise for installation, depending upon the application. And the same latches, locks and hinges can be used for both right-hand and left hand doors.

The newest line of products, SNAP-LINE, incorporates D-SNAP technology into this modular design. D-SNAP is a mechanical approach to installing hardware without the use of screws or tools. When the technology is designed into a hinge or handle, only a moderate pressing motion is required to install the part in place on a prepared panel.

Dirak products include quarter-turn fasteners, swinghandles, hinges and gaskets. The products are suitable for electrical enclosure applications, for cabinets in telecommunications, and for any sheet metal applications in an industrial environment.

Dirak GmbH & Co KG is based in Ennepetal, Germany.


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