Product benefits by new screen printing adhesive

Paul Boughton

The new solvent-free pressure-sensitive adhesive system from the company Lohmann can be used for the self-adhesive preparation of face plates, scales and nameplates, for the fabrication of membrane switches or the bonding of decorative films.

The adhesive system is UV-curable and is being dried in the same way as UV-curable inks. The bonding strength of the adhesive may be controlled by the drying process.

The system works like a conventional screen printing ink and allows a precise adhesive coating of intricate patterns and narrow bonding lines. Therefore it is possible to coat even those most complex shapes and formats which cannot be bonded with an adhesive die-cut. Because of this, it is also suitable for the adhesion of displays or dashboards. The adhesive layer is accurate and clean as it is completely transparent when cured.

The new product may be processed with conventional screens. As with colour printing, the adhesive thickness will be determined by the choice of the mesh. The adhesive is a 100 per cent solid system meaning that the printer adhesive layer and the final thickness are identical.

Lohmann GmbH & Co.KG is based in Neuwied, Germany.


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