Ultrapure inflatable elastomeric seals/bladders

Paul Boughton

Applications include cleanroom equipment, semiconductor processing, and pharmaceutical processing.

Tests show that the special continuous flat contact surface (patent pending) seals better than conventional serrated surfaces on inflatable bladders. With serrated designs, the sealing surfaces tend to spread apart making the seal less reliable. With one continuous surface, you maximise contact area, thereby creating a tighter seal. It even maintains the seal under pressure differentials up to 3 bar. The flat surface also is easier to clean or sanitise and closes 10 per cent wider gaps than comparably-sized serrated-top seals. And in actuating or clamping applications, the 10x bladder’s continuous smooth surface transmits greater force to the mating component than a serrated bladder inflated to the same pressure.

A new white ultrapure silicone compound used in the Type 10X seals, called grade 9510, reduces by 98 per cent contamination due to outgassing from the seal material itself.

Pawling developed the FDA compliant material to withstand severe duty cycles as well as to be cleaner.In independent tests, outgassing from Pawling grade silicone 9510 was only 204 pA, an unprecedented purity level, vs 2000 to 10 000 pA for other mainstay materials targeting the ultraclean market.

Pawling Engineered Products is based in Pawling, NY, USA. www.pawling.com


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