Digital readout for accurate machining

Paul Boughton

Suitable for two or three-axis machine tools including manual lathes and milling machines, the DRO is housed in a rugged die cast chassis making it ideal for most machine shop, tool room and model shop environments.

The standard product is sold as being suitable for both standard turning and standard milling applications; the user simply selects the appropriate function. For lathe users this will allow the creation of up to 99 tool offsets, whereas for milling applications operators will be able to perform bolt hole circle (PCD) functions. This is thought to be of particular interest to model makers  who perhaps own two or three manual machine tools.

With just a couple of connections to be made/unmade the new B60 DRO can be readily transferred between the set of linear scales located on each machine thus keeping capital outlay to an absolute minimum. This could be of particular interest to model makers who perhaps own two or three manual machine tools.

Other main features of the effective  stylish BB60 include: absolute/incremental operation; inch/metric conversion; zero reset/data preset; data hold; radius/diameter readings; centre find; home reference; linear error compensation; memory back up; and sleep mode.

As there is effectively only one model of the Newall B60 DRO, there are obvious benefits for distributors looking to sell into either retrofit applications or to machine tool importers looking for a ‘first fit’ solution.

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