Energy efficient pumping

Paul Boughton

Designed on the differential piston area reciprocating principle, the air driven pump offers varying levels of pressure intensification and is powered by compressed air or inert gases.

The main advantages offered by such pumps, in low flow applications, are that they respond automatically to system demand and, when there is no demand, they will stall out and maintain pressure with little or no energy requirement. With the use of no leakage, poppet construction, directional valves, system pressure can be maintained for many hours.

In the stalled condition, no heat is generated in the fluid, as would a conventional electro-hydraulic system with relief valve, and therefore additional fluid cooling is not required and fluid life extended.

Due to the ability of the pump to stall out and maintain pressure automatically there is no need for an unloading system as would be required with a constant displacement pump – this resulting in lower system costs.

In the stalled condition, if there is a system demand, the pump will automatically start and run until the demand is met and then stall out again to maintain pressure.

Air driven pumps offer – lower power consumption, hydraulic power on demand, automatic intermittent operation, extended fluid life, require fewer system components – well worth looking into.”

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