Compact high-performance laser displacement sensors

Paul Boughton

The latest product in this line is a CCD CMOS sensor with series designation optoNCDT 1700 with completely integrated controller electronics.

By accommodating the complete electronics in one compact sensor housing, this sensor becomes especially interesting for mounting in machines, production systems and test equipment. Also the required supply (11-30 Vdc) and the various analog and digital interfaces (4–20 mA, 0–10 V, RS422, USB) are provided for a very wide field of application in automation. With a high measuring rate of 2.5 kHz, it is also very well suited to fast dynamic processes.

Through the use of high quality glass optical components and high-performance signal processors, high accuracies (linearity 0.08 per cent) and excellent resolution values (0.01 per cent) are achieved.

The models offered cover measurement ranges from 2 to 750 mm. The new Series 1700 is also designed for high versatility with regard to dynamic properties.

Both measurement rates and averaging can be set in wide ranges. This facilitates optimum matching of the sensors to difficult surfaces and processes. Micro-Epsilon’s RTSC function (Real Time Surface Compensation) also contributes in this respect. Each single laser pulse is regulated according to the surface characteristics of the target. This means that compensation for effects due to varying surfaces is possible in real time without incurring any delays.

The sensor can either be configured by keys on the sensor housing or by PC via the digital interfaces.

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Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH & Co KG is based in Ortenburg, Germany.


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