'Open your mind' seminars focus on advanced high-strength steels

Paul Boughton

The seminars focus on practical applications – showing the participants a complete picture of how the materials can be used – from design to finished product manufacture, as well as illustrating how using the materials can deliver improved profitability.

The first of the seminars will focus on the automotive industry, and will start in October. Using advanced high-strength steels results in lighter products that are stronger and safer, while, at the same time, being less harmful to the environment.

The new Open your mind series of seminars will deal with questions facing users of advanced high strength steels and demonstrates how the materials offer many new opportunities in design, forming, joining and production; benefits that will be illustrated both by demonstrations and by case studies showing how companies that have switched to advanced high-strength steels for their structural materials have gained a real competitive advantage. “Many companies are subcontractors and OEMs, and they have to be at the forefront of innovation in relation to new materials and production methods in order to meet the demands of their customers in car production,” says Anke Meyer, manager of marketing communications Europe at SSAB Tunnplåt.

“The seminars also focus on design for this market sector. We have several examples of companies in this field that have recorded successes with products made of advanced high strength steels. Such companies include Frigostamp of Italy and Su-Dan Corporation of the USA, both of which have gained great distinction in the Swedish Steel Prize design award.”

SSAB Tunnplåt is a world leading producer of advanced high-strength steels and is pursuing development work aimed at achieving increasingly advanced products. The automotive industry has long been among the forerunners in putting to use the benefits of advanced high strength steels. Indeed, advanced high-strength steels are a major reason why cars are becoming safer and more environment-friendly, even though the standard of equipment fitted is steadily increasing.

“About 35 per cent of the steels in a modern car consist of advanced high-strength steels,” continues Anke Meyer. “And the proportion is increasing with every new car model launched. The seminars are aimed at making more companies in various industries aware of all of the benefits offered by using advanced high strength steels for various products.”

Following the automotive-themed events, the seminars will then be tailored to other major industrial applications

“By adjusting the contents to suit a variety of industries we will provide a comprehensive presentation of the benefits of advanced high-strength steels that is both directly relevant to the participants' specific needs,” explains Anke Meyer. “Amongst the industry-specific seminars, we will cover areas including trailers, containers and trains.”

The seminars will be offered at two different technological levels; the first being a general level; the second, a more in-depth treatment of a specific technical area.

Even though many users already have good knowledge of SSAB advanced high-strength steels, Anke Meyer considers that the seminars will be of great benefit to all participants.

"Our knowledge and experience of advanced high-strength steels is expanding at a rapid pace," she explains. "These seminars will also enable experienced users to acquire further knowledge to help them improve their products and their production processes."

The 'Open your mind' seminar series will begin this autumn. Pre-registration for the automotive seminars has started and can be done on the SSAB local websites.

For more information, visit www.ssabtunnplat.com


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