Clean pneumatronic systems

Paul Boughton

The purchase of reliable, yet cost effective, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic systems continues to be essential for companies manufacturing and assembling machinery and equipment in an increasingly competitive market.

The ‘one-stop shop’ approach, whereby sub-systems are designed and manufactured to become an integral part of an OEM customer's equipment, is a particular speciality of KV Ltd.

The company’s Clean Pneumatronic Systems Division incorporates one of the largest clean rooms in pneumatics, covering over 380 sq. metres and incorporating over 24 sq. metres of VLF cabinets, operating to ISO14644-1, ISO Class 6 Standards (FED Standard 209E, Class 1,000)

KV systems are designed for optimum functionality and reliability and draw on well-proven products and components from within the KV range, products from key suppliers or custom designed components. These components are then skilfully integrated with control equipment into top-level sub-systems that become an integral part of the OEM customer's equipment.

It is the back up facilities available to the CPS Division that makes it unique in the pneumatics industry, and high amongst these is the in-house Rapid Prototyping Division with its SLS, SLA, vacuum casting and concept modelling technology.

With the increasing demand to reduce lead times and minimise inventory, many customers are exploiting the benefits of ‘On Demand Manufacture’”

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KV Rapid is based in Milton Keynes, UK.


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