FIBC discharge stations

Paul Boughton

Rospen FIBC/Big-Bag Discharge Stations have been re-engineered and extended with new features and designs to ensure efficient handling of all bag types in any industry and clean discharge of all powders and particulates from food products, chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals to minerals and aggregates.

A new neck/liner clamp (Patent pending) allows open access for fast dust-free bag connection and access to safely and easily tie bags outside an enclosure, while single-arm side rigging frame supports allow one operator to easily adjust the height to cater for different bags. Narrower and low profile rigging frames are used for better manoeuvrability and lower installation height.

Spring-mounted bag supports reduce noise and load imparted to mezzanine floors by transmitting vibration into the product rather than the floor or steelwork structure. Simplified system design and controls ensure cost-effective production and lower costs of ownership in low or high capacity plants.

All stations are designed to prevent dust emissions or spillage and can be coupled to a range of weighing/metering or transfer feeding systems to provide regulated discharge to a process or plant as well as bag filling machines.

Flow aid bars can be fitted to break compacting material and assist discharge by delivering vibration deep into the material. Single or double vibrator motors are offered to increase agitation on difficult powders while massaging petals will break clumping powders and coerce discharge through the centre of the bag.

Open architecture avoids the use of difficult access chambers. Combination stations allow mixed uses of bags with a sack/box tip or a rigid bin. Lined or unlined and even bespoke bags can be catered for as well as tailored or tubular liners.

A variety of FIBC station configurations includes fork-lift loading of bags with top-loaded rigging frames or cassette type frames allowing low level lift and placement of bags, and power hoist loading of bags via single or dual tandem hoists for high capacity discharge. Multi or single trip bags with discharge spouts are catered for, as well as flat bottomed bags requiring a knife for automatic opening and discharge.

Options now include a liner clamp allowing quick and easy stripping of the discharge neck around a sealing tube and a new pneumatic liner tensioner that maximises efficient discharge and avoids the trapping of material in liner folds or flat areas. A particularly effective flow choke to give a big improvement in closing the neck of partially discharged bags for re-tying and removal has also been introduced.

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