Radio controlled oil recovery system for hazardous conditions

Paul Boughton

As in any industry, care for the environment is a high priority. Systems covering many different aspects of pollution control have been developed throughout the years.

One such system is the FRAMO TransRec150, an innovative oil recovery system designed and manufactured by Frank Mohn Flatøy AS.

The system has been designed to recover oil floating on the sea surface. Additionally, the Transec150 can also be used for emergency offloading and remote operated offloading of sunken vessels. The system is the result of 25 years of extensive research and development carried out in close cooperation with the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO).

Each Transec150 system is controlled by an advanced Cavotec Micro-control radio remote control. The main advantages of this remote control solution are the elimination of any people and cables on deck during the actual system control and coordination process. As operations are often carried out under hazardous conditions, all equipment, including the Cavotec Micro-control RRC, must be approved for Gas Zone II operation.

Cavotec Group is based in Hanige, Sweden.


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