Paul Boughton

Redundant level measurement requires a minimum of two devices to provide independent level readings. The combination of KSR Magnetic Level Indicators with the KSR-GT series makes this task possible without additional connections to the vessel.

The measuring principle of the KSR-GT: high frequency microwave impulses are coupled to a rod or cable and guided along the probe. The impulses are reflected by the liquid surface and received by the processing electronics. A microprocessor identifies these level echoes and via software, evaluates them and converts them into the relevant level information.

Mechanical configuration can be as a single Bypass System with coax version or a double Bypass System with rod version. The selection will depend on the demands of the application, possible space limitations and application specific requirements.

The options are however not exhausted here: the visual indication and KSR-GT system can be enhanced further by adding resistance or magnetostrictive transmitters and/or binary limit switches, which will increase the level of redundancy even more and provide almost limitless configuration.

The Guided Wave Radar Instrument is virtually unaffected by almost all process parameters such as: dielectric constant, ph-value, specific gravity, steam, foam, pressure and temperature,.

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