Choke design eliminates direct impact onto the trim

Paul Boughton

The current choke design is expected to maximise performance in erosion and protect the valve from impact damage, liquid slugging and vibration.

Choke designers, well head manufactures and end users all agree chokes with external sleeve cage designs will outperform in regard to erosion to the valve trim the outlet. The one potential downfall affecting reliability statistics of all cage style designs is the possibility of trim failure should large debris be encountered either during startup or production. Depending on debris mass and velocity of the incoming fluid, sufficient kinetic energy can be expelled into the trim to cause fracture to the sensitive tungsten carbide materials.

The Master Flo solution is simple but effective. Its new technology involves rotating the choke cartridge (canister that retrieves the choke internals) so the choke trim is shielded from the valve body inlet, thereby eliminating direct impact onto the trim. A sufficient gallery in the valve body is required around the cartridge to manage velocity so as not to damage the body bore. By utilising opposing ports in the cartridge to allow fluid communication between the body gallery and the trim ports, the incoming fluid forces on the valve trim are balanced.

Master Flo Valve Inc is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


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